Travel Tips


  1. PATIENCE IS KEY- Did you miss your bus? How about a delayed flight? No worries! Complaining and stressing out won’t solve anything. Roll with the punches and appreciate what is around you. Go explore the airport or take the time between busses to have a local meal. The unexpected is what travel is all about so don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS- Great photos are the ultimate souvenir! They don’t take up any space in your bag and they don’t cost you any money. Chances are you will only see these people or places once so capture the moments while you can. Don’t be worried about looking like a “tourist.” Some of my biggest travel regrets are not taking enough pictures. (oh well, I guess I will just have to go back to those places)
  3. WAKE UP EARLY- Make the most of your time on vacation. Grab a coffee and take a morning walk to explore your surroundings. Figure out what you want to accomplish that day and get at it! Nap on the beach or relax at a cafe mid afternoon if you must but you are on vacation so wake up early and stay out late!
  4. PRINT YOUR ITINERARY WITH CONFIRMATIONS/FLIGHT INFO- You can’t always rely on internet connection or cell service when traveling. It is always nice to have a back-up if you can’t pull it off your phone.
  5. SAVE ROOM FOR SPONTANEITY- You don’t need to plan every minute of your trip. Depending on how comfortable you are with “winging it” you should leave some time to just experience as you go. You can keep it as simple as booking your arriving flight or maybe you are just leaving one day free, either way, allow yourself some room for change.

  6. EAT LIKE A LOCAL- This is what travel is all about, at least for me! Sure, have pad thai in Thailand and gelato in Italy, but go outside of your comfort zone and eat like a true local. Have questions on where to go or what to order? Talk to a worker at your hotel, use trip advisor, or simply ask your server for their favorite dish.
  7. TELL SOMEONE BACK HOME ABOUT YOUR TRAVEL PLANS- Whether you are traveling alone or with a group it is always nice to tell a family member or friend that you are going out of town. Better safe than sorry!
  8. BRING EXTRA CASH- Nothing is worse than being robbed or leaving your debit/credit card in an ATM machine (yes, I’ve done that before). Always have some backup cash if you run into problems or maybe you have just gone over budget and need some extra money to make it to the end of your trip.
  9. TRAVEL OFF THE BEATEN PATH- No matter what corner of the world you are at there is always a road less traveled. Somewhere that doesn’t have endless crowds of tourists and chain restaurants on every corner. There are plenty of overlooked vacation destinations so go find them and explore!IMG_0971
  10. KEEP AN OPEN MIND- Every culture and every person is different and that is what makes our world so beautiful and intriguing. Embrace the different ways of life and don’t be judgmental. Take the time to accept and take it all in.
  11. DONT OVERTIP- A little research is essential to figure out who should be tipped and what they deserve. I have been guilty of handing out gratuities like halloween candy which is unnecessary and can break your budget quick. Every country is different so make sure you aren’t insulting anyone by handing out wads of cash but be sure not to stiff the workers relying on tips to feed their families and pay their rent.
  12. BACK UP EVERYTHING- Back-up your phone, iPad, computer, camera… if it can be backed-up then do it! There is nothing worse than having something break or get stolen and losing all of your information, documents, and precious photos.
  13. NEVER STOP LEARNING- Ask questions everywhere you go. Come back with not only stories to tell but facts about the history and culture of where you were.
  14. MAKE COPIES OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS- Be prepared if your passport gets lost or stolen. You don’t want to be stuck at the border or denied entry into your home country so pack smart and keep a copy in a separate place from the original. IMG_1039
  15. CONNECT WITH LOCALS- Go beyond the traditional tourist itinerary and do what the locals do. Find ways to talk to local residence and immerse yourself into some of their daly activities. Attend a local festival or market, travel by bus or train, or go to a sporting event. Make new friends, its always great to have connections around the world, maybe you will have a free place to stay next time you go back.
  16. DONT BE AFRAID TO BE SOLO- Millions of people travel solo every year. Don’t let traveling alone hold you back from seeing the world. Whether you are looking to “find yourself” or simply can’t find a travel companion for when you want to go out of town, don’t let it bring you down. Pack your bags and go find yourself, make new friends, and discover the world.
  17. LEARN COMMON PHRASES IN THE LOCAL LANGUAGE- Local languages can go a long way so learn how to say simple words such as; please, thank you, or can I get a beer? That last one is for all of you fun loving booze travelers.
  18. ENQUIRE ABOUT THE PRICE BEFORE YOU TAKE TRANSPORTATION- Avoid getting taken advantage of or being surprised by asking transportation prices before you get in the vehicle. Sometimes you can negotiate travel costs so look out for yourself and make sure you get the best deal.
  19. KNOW THE EXCHANGE RATE- Again, don’t get taken advantage of. Educate yourself and know the current exchange rate. I have learned that small exchange rate shops often don’t have current rates and could leave you with less money in your pocket. Exchange at the airport when you arrive and if you need to exchange more later make sure you get the correct rate.
  20. CHOOSE YOUR TRAVEL BUDDY CAREFULLY- If you are an adrenaline junky looking for constant adventure and fun make sure you are traveling with someone with the same mindset. You don’t want to be stuck traveling with someone that just wants to lay by the pool when you want to be out exploring.
  21. ALWAYS BE POLITE- The lady you are speaking to at the front desk could be the only person between you and that upgraded room. Be kind to everyone, not just because you should always treat people that way but because people are more inclined to help you when you are treating them well.
  22. FOLLOW YOUR BUDGET- Set yourself a budget before you leave and do your best to stick with it. Buying 10 souvenir shot glasses will not only take up room in your suitcase but it will cost you a lot of money. Maybe you go out to a nice dinner once or twice and save some money with local street food the other nights.
  23. SHARE INFORMATION WITH OTHER TRAVELERS- Tell people you meet at your hotel bar the great experiences you had that day. Go on yelp or tripadvisor and leave a review to let people know what you think. Pay if forward and spread the word about the great hidden beach you discovered on your last vacation, it will come back to you later.IMG_0729
  24. UNDERSTAND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TIME TO SEE EVERYTHING- Too much do to and not enough time. Isn’t that the truth?! Pick and choose what is really important to you. You won’t be able to go to every great restaurant, see every beach, or go on every activity that is offered. Do your research and decide what is at the top of your list. Don’t exhaust yourself by trying to fit too much into your trip. You don’t want to need a vacation after your vacation. You can always make it a point to go back another time and experience what you missed.
  25. HAVE FUN AND SMILE- Life is too short to be grumpy and stressed out on vacation. Try to enjoy everything that comes your way and turn everything into a positive situation. Greet everyone you meet with a smile on your face and you will have a great time!IMG_1119

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