Travel Tips


    1. KNOW YOUR AIRLINE’S BAGGAGE FEE POLICY- Most airlines allow you to check at least one bag free, but always double-check, so you aren’t surprised at the airport and end up spending money you didn’t expect.
    2. PACK LIGHT- Do not over pack! I can’t stress this enough. I always try and use a carry-on no matter where I go and no matter how long. Luggage not only cost you more money but it can add stress to your trip. Keep it simple and light. Bring the necessities but half of the fun is embracing the local culture; so buy a handmade dress or shirt when you arrive and leave with a unique piece of clothing!
    3. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS- This may sound obvious but double and triple check that you have all of the proper travel documents for where you are going. Make sure your passport/visas are valid and once you have done that, make copies. Keep a copy of your passport separate from the original incase of an emergency.
    4. CHECK THE WEATHER- Simple enough. Make sure you are packing for the right climate so check the weather before you leave so you aren’t packing short shorts when its going to be 65 degrees.
    5. ZIP-LOCK BAGS- I can’t go anywhere without these now. Great to separate wet clothes from the rest of your bag, carry small loose items, or maybe to toss some snacks in on a adventurous day trip.
    6. DONT FOLD- Instead, roll your clothes (they won’t wrinkle) or put them in baggies. You can also try to roll entire outfits, that way, when you unpack everything you need is in one roll.
    7. BE PREPARED- If you get motion sickness, bring medicine. Accident Prone? pack a small first aid kit. You don’t need to throw your whole medicine cabinet in your bag but know your body and make sure you prepare yourself. If you are an adventurous traveler I suggest investing in the Adventure Medical Kits World Travel Kit.
    8. EXTRA CORDS/BATTERIES- Nothing is worse than wanting to capture a beautiful moment and having that battery symbol blinking. Bring a backup camera battery, an extra phone charger incase you leave yours in the hotel room/airport, and even an extra SD card incase you get that photography bug.
    9. MIX AND MATCH- Choose items in your closet that will mix and match well. Bring patterns that are simple and interchangeable. Basics are key, especially when taking long trips.
    10. PRACTICAL FOOTWEAR- I love 5 inch heels as much as the next girl but you will never see me packing high heels for any beach destination. Be realistic about where you are going and if you are second guessing, leave it at home. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes are my go to shoe. Great for travel, working out, exploring, and adventure days. Going to the beach? Bring ONE pair of sandals. Europe in December? A warm, versatile pair of black boots. Don’t fill your bag with shoes you don’t need.
    11. SHOWER CAP- Speaking of shoes, place a shower cap on the bottom of your shoes. It will keep the soles covered so they don’t get your clean clothes dirty. Stock up and buy Shower Caps Clear (30 count) for your upcoming trips.
    12. PILL CASES- Not just to sort your daily vitamins. These cases are great to separate jewelry from getting lost or tangled.
    13. DRYER SHEET- Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to prevent your clothes from smelling.
    14. TRAVEL CONVERTERS/ADAPTERS- Connect with outlets around the world using a travel adapter plug like this Universal World Wide All-in-one Safety Travel Charger.
    15. SUNGLASS CASE- Nothing is more annoying than having your phone, iPad, and laptop chargers tangled in your bag. Use a spare sunglass case to organize these pesky cords.
    16. PACKING CUBES- They have changed the way we pack for the better. No more rummaging to the bottom of your bag for that tank top you can’t find anywhere. These perfect lightweight bags will create organization instantly and will make packing much easier- Packing Cubes 4pcs Value Set for Travel – Plus 6pcs Organizer Zip Bags (Blue)
    17. COORDINATE WITH TRAVEL COMPANIONS- Traveling with your BFF? You bring the curling iron and have her bring a hair straightener. Have one of you bring shampoo and conditioner and the other bring sunscreen. Save the both of you money, time, and room in your bag.
    18. CALL YOUR BANK- Make sure you call your bank and let them know where you are going to avoid debit/credit card issues abroad.
    19. MARK YOUR BAG WITH “FRAGILE”- Airport staff will most likely load your bag on top of the others- meaning yours will come out first at the baggage claim. Saving you time standing around waiting to see if your bag will ever come around on that conveyor belt of stress.
    20. TISSUE PAPPER- For delicate items use tissue paper to wrap them in. This will avoid these items getting wrinkled or crushed.
    21. TSA APPROVED LOCKS- Do not lock your checked luggage unless you have a TSA approved lock. Master Lock TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock.
    22. NEVER CHECK ESSENTIAL ITEMS- If you can’t live without it on your trip then do NOT check it. Keep valuable or essential items with you as your personal item or in your carry-on.
    23. STOCKPILE SAMPLES- Instead of bringing full size cosmetics/toiletries with you opt for sample sizes. Get these from your go to beauty store/dermotologist/dentist or take advantage of the free samples Nordstrom often gives out with online beauty purchases.
    24. BLANKET & PILLOW- Whether you are taking a quick flight or jet setting across the world, comfort can make all the difference. I always bring a compact blanket and a neck pillow with me wherever I go. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable, cold flight. This incredibly comfortable neck pillow may look a little different than the one you have now but it is worth the money and the extra use of space in your cary on- J Pillow – Travel Pillow #1 BEST SELLING TRAVEL PILLOW IN THE U.K, FRANCE, ITALY & SPAIN.
    25. AVOID LAST MINUTE PACKING- The worst thing you can do when attempting to pack light is waiting to the last minute. Next thing you know your packing a floppy hat you’ve literally never worn. Give yourself a day or two in advance to pack to avoid the inevitable, let me just throw this all in and dash madness that we have all done once or twice. GUILTY!

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