Let me just start out by saying that we aren’t all the “traditional” camping type. Maybe pulling out a musty smelling tent from the garage once a year isn’t the ideal vacation situation for you. For those of us that require more of the luxuries from back home I present to you the ultimate glamping experience- Scarabeo’s Stone Desert Camp. I found Scarabeo Camp one day while monotonously scrolling though Instagram. I knew right then I had to experience glamping for myself. I added this Instagramable worthy oasis to my long list of places to visit and only a few months later I found myself planning a trip to Marrakech. I couldn’t wait to camp beneath the Moroccan stars. Let the planning begin!

BOOKING- You must fill out the booking form on the Scarabeo Camp website. The rates will be listed there as well so you can get an idea of pricing before you inquire. They will contact you later via email and be able to assist with the booking process.

ACCOMMODATION- The camp has seven private room/tents and three private suite/tents. Each sleeping area consists of a thick white tent, comfortable beds, lanterns, ensuite showers, private toilets, and heaters. Now that is what I’m talking about! I was pleasantly surprised with our tent when we arrived. The detail in everything was so beautiful and there wasn’t anything our tent was lacking. Gamping is the way to go!

There are also large common areas and beautifully furnished tents to spend your time in while you aren’t sleeping. This is a great place to have afternoon Moroccan tea, get to know your campmates, or simply lounge and relax.

ACTIVITIES- I can promise you won’t have a dull moment at this camp. The friendly staff will do their best to accommodate any activity you would like to do. From morning massages to dune buggy tours- they have it all. We opted for sunset camel rides, a must do in Morocco I thought and I was not disappointed! 

DINING- I can honestly say that the dinner we were served at this camp was one of my favorite meals during my time in Morocco. As the sun went down and it began to get dark everyone gathered around the camp fires that were built for us. We conversated with the others in the camp about our travels, drank wine, and patiently waited for the stars to light up the sky. When dinner was ready we were invited to our tables inside the beautifully candlelit tents. The fresh baked bread was to die for and I think I ate enough cous cous for four. Breakfast was a little simpler but was still a great traditional Moroccan meal.

TIPS- Arrange transportation with the camp. We found it convenient and less expensive than If we booked on our own. Bring your own wine/champagne or other beverages with you. They can keep anything cold for you at the camp and it saves you money from buying alcohol there. We only brought one bottle of wine and were definately jealous of the couple that brought an entire case. They clearly knew how to glamp! If you’re feeling extra fab bring swimwear to lay out and enjoy the sun during the day. That is something I forgot and wished I had. It can get very hot so lounging and reading a book in the shade wearing a bikini might be the perfect way to spend the afternoon. And PLEASE ride the camels! If it doesn’t sound appealing to you please do it for me. I promise you won’t regret it. Enjoy the peaceful, breathtaking desert hills and don’t forget to take lots of photos. (Here are some of mine) 

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