Travel Tips


  1. POSTAGRAM– With this app you can bring the tradition of sending postcards into the digital age. You can send personalized photos and messages to friends and relatives, which will arrive as an actual postcard for only $0.99 including postage. postagram_app2
  2. GOOGLE TRANSLATE– Rosetta stone didn’t work out how you expected? no problem. Simply say a phrase in english and google translate will repeat the words in the language of your choice. googletranslate
  3. OANDA CURRENCY CONVERTER– Remember exchange rates and covering them in your head can be painful. Use this converter to make sure your up on the current rate. It even has the ability to factor in credit card and ATM rates.  GayTravelOandaCurrency
  4. HOTEL TONIGHT– One of my favorite apps out there right now to find last minute deals on great hotels. If your in a rush to find a hotel for the night, or maybe you are the spontaneous type that plans as you go, Hotel Tonight is going to be your lifesaver. Currently not that expansive but it is only going to continue to grow and add more cities and hotels.hotel-tonight
  5. FREE WIFI FINDER– Connect to free wi-fi internet hotspots around the world. LOVE THIS! wifi-finder02
  6. GATEGURU– Stuck at the airport for a painfully long layover again? This app provides maps of terminals as well as reviews for restaurants. Don’t forget to read the “tips” which can be extremely helpful with wait times at security checkpoints.Captura-de-pantalla-2013-06-20-a-las-07.30.39
  7. TRIP-SPLITTER– Traveling with friends and want to keep track of who owes what? Trip-splitter allows you to easily track shared expenses split bills. Alleviating headaches and arguments, plus ensures you always knowing how your finances are faring.TripSplitter-iPhone-App
  8. TRIPIT– Be your own travel agent with the this app. TripIt organizes everything for you from flight plans, car rental confirmations, and hotel reservations. Easy to track whats next on your agenda with this app.tripit-travel-planner
  9. UBER– Get around at the tap of a button. Reliable pickups, clear pricing, cashless and convenient and your review matters.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  10. ACCUWEATHER– Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting with this app. AccuWeather

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